1000+ Classes available starting in December, January, and February

Enroll in Classes This January

Take classes from your home.

UMGC Europe is celebrating Cyber Week with a $50 application fee waiver! New students who apply for admission between 30 November and 6 December will have their application fee automatically waived. Apply today.

Registration is open for Spring 2021 with remote on-site and online classes starting in December, January, and February.

Our convenient remote on-site format allows you to take classes offered at any location from the comfort of your home, room, or current location meeting with the professor in person via Zoom. 

The newly designed schedule makes it even easier to find the course you need:

For questions, please contact the program coordinator or advisor at your site by making an in-person appointment or by dialing into the virtual office for a personal video chat.

Registration deadlines are prior to the class start dates.

  • If you use military tuition assistance (TA), ensure you have your TA approved on time in accordance with the TA deadlines.
  • If you are an Army student and eligible for the Army’s new Credentialing Assistance (CA) Program, there are approved course options for you as well.
  • We recommend you start the TA or CA approval process early. 

Hope to see you in the classroom!

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