Leadership at Every Level Professional Conference

Leadership Conference
Thank you for your interest in our recent event. Unfortunately, this event has already passed. Please see the full events calendar for a listing of upcoming events.
Leadership at Every Level Professional Conference
0830 - 1700 - Saturday, 28 September 2019
Ramstein, Ramstein Officers’ Club
Attend, & Save $50!
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You’re Invited to the UMUC Leadership at Every Level Conference

UMGC invites you to the first annual Leadership At Every Level Conference offering presentations on leadership topics across a range of professional endeavors and organizations.

Conference participation, refreshments for the morning and afternoon sessions, and a buffet lunch are complimentary to those in attendance.


Leadership topics and issues related to both the civilian and military professions are scheduled throughout this one-day conference. Our conference presenters include students, faculty, and community members actively engaged in research on leadership issues relevant to their personal interests and professional accomplishments.


The conference is open to the entire community. We encourage all who are interested in discussing leadership and learning how this could apply to your own professional aspirations and career to attend and participate in one or more conference sessions.


A wide array of conference topics will be presented and represent issues relevant to leadership in the 21st century. Conference attendees will learn about leadership issues related to:

  • Generational differences
  • Military operations and strategic planning
  • Veterans education
  • Organizational behavior
  • Employee engagement/retention
  • Team development
  • Ethical leadership


Morning SessionsConference PresentationsPresenter
 0830 Opening RemarksTimothy Quezada
 0900-1000 How to Use Awareness and Passion as a
 Motivating Tool in Organizations
 Maria ReGester
 1000-1045 Visualizing Molehills, Not Mountains: The Art of Mentoring Millennials Brian East
  Boots on the Ground: The Impact of Soldiers’ Experience in Afghanistan
 as it Applies to Constructivist Thought in Military Intervention
 Scottie Ehrhardt
 1100-1145 Strategies for Sustaining Business Leadership through Knowledge
 Management and Professional Development as Baby Boomers
 Prepare for Retirement
 Kevin Kaufman
 1200-1300 Lunch--Complimentary Buffet 
Afternoon SessionsConference PresentationsPresenter
 1300-1345 Taking Care of the Leader: 
 Effects of Lifestyle on Leadership Health and Decision-Making
 Bob Lucania
 1400-1445 Self-Managed Teams:
 Success Factors That Leadership Should Consider When Establishing
 and Sustaining Self-Managed Teams Within Organizations
 Theresa Martin
  Beyond the Law: Ethical Leadership in the Global Environment Kathy So
 1500-1545 Leadership in Communication and its Effect on the
 Leader-Follower Relationship
 Renaldo Walker
  Leadership in Strategic Planning for Veteran Student Success Suzie Smith
 1600-1645 How (Not) to Lose Your Best Employees in 10 Years Christa Graham
  Part-Time Boss, But Full-Time Leader: Part-time Management
 in European Countries and the Special Position of Women
 Ivana Benyamin


To register, RSVP to Dr. Timothy Quezada, director, Graduate and Partnership Programs
at timothy.quezada@umuc.edu or CIV +49-(0)631-534-800. Walk-ins also welcome.